Assume Before you decide to Drink Bottled Water: Utilizing a Reusable Water Bottle Issues

“You can’t get through a one day devoid of having an impact on the globe close to you. Anything you do can make a distinction, and you have to choose what kind of difference you want to make.”

– Jane Goodall

Searching for an eco-friendly concept to faucet into? This is 1: ditch the plastic drinking water bottles and start receiving your aqua at your house.

An approximated 88% of plastic water bottles are NOT recycled in Canada – a variety that’s as uncomfortable as it is actually staggering.

With Each and every Canadian consuming waterbottle 60 litres of bottled h2o a year – and sales surpassing coffee, tea, and milk – this is the wide range of plastic needlessly piling up in landfills.

In North The united states, it was that about 70 million plastic water bottles ended up in landfills on a yearly basis.

Today, inside the US by yourself, Us citizens use an estimated 50 BILLION plastic drinking water bottles in the year – and 40 billion of All those ended up in landfills.

Holy batman… That could be a Great deal of plastic h2o bottles!

Across the globe, near to two.five billion kilograms of plastic are used to bottle h2o on a yearly basis. And this plastic may take assuming that 1,000 decades to biodegrade. In the method, harmful additives are leaching into your groundwater.

As for the amount of oil required to make said plastic? It takes seventeen million barrels of oil yearly to help make h2o bottles for your US marketplace. That’s the equal of fueling 1 million autos to get a year.

But hold out, you can find far more…
Footprint goes beyond the plastic

In contrast to the h2o you have via your tap in your house, bottled h2o has A much bigger environmental footprint as it must be transported over lengthy distances. Rather than basically currently being piped into your glass inside the kitchen area, it arrives by truck, coach, plane, and boat. And all these modes of transportation involve fossil fuels to acquire all over.

And plenty of bottled drinking water brands basically use filtered faucet water much like the h2o you obtain at your home anyway. Furthermore, household faucet h2o is frequently more strictly tested and controlled than bottled h2o, so it helps make tiny feeling to acquire something which is so abundant and cheap at your home.