Building a Swimming Pool in New Orleans – Important Things to Know Before You Start

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I have sold a lot of shed plans and barn plans for the backyard and there are some things to consider before starting to build that some people overlook and learn the hard way. I hope to help you avoid these problems. Building a shed can be fun and a great way to involve the family in a useful project and having good plans is important. If you plan ahead you will avoid problems like setbacks, permits, clearance, easements, and foundation type.

1 – Its very important to find out if you need a building permit in your area. Call your local permits office or city hall for directions. Be prepared to let them know the general size and placement of your shed including any setbacks and the overall size of the shed. They will want to know if there will be electrical service or plumbing to the shed which will require a separate inspection which is why it can be easier to exclude these items for a basic shed and you can always add it later if necessary.

2 – Check with your HOA if you have one for any restrictions on sheds or their size. Also, check to make sure what the setback requirements are before building so your shed wont have to be moved later. Some HOA’s may have standards for types or construction of sheds, for example some may not allow metal sheds.

3 – Locate the spot you plan to build your shed on and make délai permis de construire sure there are no buried lines that may need access later on or could be adversely affected with a shed built over them. It is usually is fairly obvious if you have any or check with a neighbor that has built in the backyard or call the utility company if in doubt. Also be sure that there are no overhead obstructions that could interfere with shed height.

4 – The foundation you choose may be important to your shed but, may also impact property taxes in many areas. If you pour a slab foundation then the shed becomes a permanent fixture of the real estate and adds to the value. If the shed is built on blocks or piers then it can be considered a portable shed which will not be valued with the home. This may be a minor consideration for most but, is good to remember.

5 – A good set of plans is a must have item and will help you with material lists and budgeting. There are many types of plans available and you should be able to find a size that is right for you. I have many variations of shed plans [] for every purpose from basic tool sheds to garden sheds and small barns, even chicken houses. Some designs would also make great pool houses or craft shops. Remember that there is plenty of room for creativity with the overall look of your shed but start with a good plan, foundation and frame and the rest will be easier.