Car Shipping – International Car Delivery

First of all, you want to prepare your vehicle for international car delivery. It calls for cleaning any dirt and removes personal items, accessories or tools that are valuable for you and leave fuel to less than 1/8 in the tank. (I highly recommend shipping your car fully empty to avoid problems with shipping companies).

After you compare the shipping quote and choose the company to move your car, you need to send it to the loading warehouse or directly to the sea port. If you are not too far from the major sea port or a big city – you might stop your own car. In other cases, you can rent one of the car transporter to do the work for you. Make sure you pay for door-to-door delivery and note that Point Pamungkas is an export marine terminal or warehouse loading foreign sender. When it comes to export shipping, many transporters don’t want to bring a car to the port that owes on congestion, waiting lines that take time Washington State Car Shipper and new Twic card requirements. Ask your foreign sender if they can provide shipping because almost all of them have their preferred vehicle transportation companies.

Mandatory documents for international car delivery
*** Make sure you have the original clean title for your vehicle. With “original” I mean it must be a title of literal paper supplied by your country’s DMV (motor vehicle department). With “clean” I mean, it should not have unatisfied pawn rights from the bank, Credit Union or other coaches. This is a prerequisite issued by US customs that all motorized vehicles must be cleaned for exports 72 working hours before the ship sailing date.

Option # 1: Car Shipping in Marine Container
*** Overseas car sender can usually provide two alternatives for you to get your car to another country: shipping sea containers or roll-on roll-on delivery. If you choose an Ocean container option, the foreign transporter will load and tie your car in the marine container most likely with shipping or other cars. This is a low and reliable budget method because shipping companies will only charge you for space that occupies your vehicle in a container. Another positive moment is a container to be blocked and sealed during the entire duration of foreign trips.

Option # 2: Car Shipping Via Roll-on Roll-Off Carrier
*** With Roll-On Roll-On (RO-RO) Shipping Overseas your car will have to be taken immediately to the port and then secured in a special vehicle carrier ship. What is involved is the port of Longshoremen will take him to the ship at the origin and then direct it from the ship at a destination point. Your car will not be placed in a blocked and open container for anyone to enter (usually when personal items and accessories are lost). Route Ro Ro is also limited in the coverage of countries so depending on your origin & purpose, this option may not be obtained for your country. Another note is that the port will not recognize vehicles that cannot be operated for roll-on roll-on transportation services.