Choose a website builder with a clean code

Using a website builder to make a website is a great way to make a website that looks professional without needing to know HTML. Did you know that many website builders can really hurt your chances of getting your website found by search engines? It is important to choose a website builder with a clean code to increase your chances of being found and listed by search engines – otherwise you won’t get natural traffic to your site.

Many website builders on the market – including free and paid website builders – make code that spiders and search engine robots do not like and do not understand. Even if you have spent hours working on your text and building your website to be optimized in every way, if your code is not clean, a good search engine will not index you or they will index you further in the list. Your website code can make the difference between those listed in position # 1 or position # 17 – or can make it so you are not registered at all.

Getting a high list on search engines is very important because it means you will be able to get more natural traffic to your website. If you choose the wrong free web making website builder to create your site, you can lose the amount of serious traffic, and as a result you can also lose a lot of sales or customers.

There is very little web site builder on the market that makes code friendly search engines clean. The sad part is because website builders are usually used by people who are not too experienced with HTML, most people never know that their website builders hurt their chances to be included by their search engines made for them pages.

When you choose a website builder, you need to take the time to find out if it produces a clean code before you register. It can be difficult if you don’t know anything about HTML code and don’t know what to look for. A good way to find out whether your website maker is interested in making a clean code is to visit the forum or message board and either find old posts related to the website builder in question, or make your own post asking for others if they have experience with site builders certain web. People are usually more than willing to help and will gladly tell you if the website builder creates a clean code or not.