Creating websites to make money with online marketing tools

Internet marketers use a wide variety of software, scripts, and services in their quest to earn money online. These are just some of the online marketing tools that can be used.
To create the money-making websites themselves, online marketers use WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) web page editors, FTP software, content management systems (CMS), and blogging software. When I started learning how to create websites, my professor at my university taught us how to create websites with Microsoft Word. Believe it or not Word used to be able to create website templates. The WYSIWYG editors in use now have come a long way and can create some very sophisticated websites that have a lot of layers. If you create a template with these editors, you can successfully earn money online.
To create website graphics, virtual e-book covers, etc., marketers use graphics editing software and action scripts.
To promote their sites, they use search engine marketing, advertising services, pay-per-click advertising, advertising communications, and social media sites and services.
To create their lists, internet marketers use various page, pop-up, and pop-up scripts. To motivation communicate with their customers and prospects, they use email software and autoresponder scripts or services.
To optimize their sites for search engines, online marketers use various search engine optimization (SEO) software and services, including keyword research, link analysis, and link building tools and services.
To create videos, audio, and podcasts, they use screen recording software, as well as video and audio editing software.
To create reports and e-books to sell or give away, Internet marketers use word processing software and e-book creation software.
To write and submit articles, they use text and software editors, article submission sites and services, as well as online article directories or blog networks. To enter into joint ventures with other marketers and sell more products, they use affiliate program software and services.
To process orders and payments, online merchants use shopping carts, e-commerce software, one-time offer (OTO) software, credit card processing gateways, and third-party payment processors.
Many of these online marketing tools do things that you could also do manually, but they generally do it much faster, more efficiently, or more professionally. Not everyone uses all of these online marketing tools to create profitable websites. It’s about using the right tool for the right job, as well as using the ones that work best for you.