Does your web host be ready for 2014?

In organic optimization business, I am often asked what factors are the most important in search engine optimization, and does my host really affect my ranking? I hope this article cleanses some sound you might read on the web. My answer is simple and this is him …

No one has patience for a slow website so Google doesn’t like a slow website …

In organic optimization, we always think of visitors first then rank.

How do your hosts affect your SEO?

The subject of many of these debates was close and unfortunately with my daily frustration with organic optimization and also with web Managed Hosting design. Often I am not part of the process of choosing a hosting company for my clients and explaining why good hosting companies are very important not only for visitors but for website performance in all search results.

You are who is organized by … type of hosting and who you choose to host your website does have an effect where your website is on search engines. Choosing the right web hosting company does not guarantee increased ranking or page one position, but that means you avoid serious consequences, and they are significant. Therefore, you need to choose carefully and don’t base your decision about prices or reviews.

So how do you choose a host?

Looking for a variety of confusing hosting companies, the web is full of affiliate sites that get profit from referring clients. You might have seen many of these reviews that compare or assess various hosting companies and usually their marketing is 5 stars rated or # 1. I will give the best advice I know about web reviews and I’m sure I will get a lot of blows to expose the truth These but never trust good reviews.

My first job at SEO is writing creative and informative positive reviews for companies that are not named 8 hours a day in every web aspect of the local list to product reviews to blogs. I wasn’t too proud of that experience but what had taught me a lot about what and what it didn’t have to do.

Facts … The negative or bad review is 99.9% honest and by real people, no company-thinking right there will spend time writing bad reviews about a product or service they sell. But I will add some negative reviews is by unatisfied competitors or customers but most hosting companies don’t see this as a negative or opportunity to improve customer service and their products. Much more profitable to register the mob and deal with them later.

So in short, don’t base your decision about reviews … believe statistical data and ask around, find a forum that has a good reputation and ask. A great place to get answers to technical questions is quora for anything.

So let’s go down to business and tell you how to choose a good host …

* Customer service If technology problems or financial problems arise you want to make sure you don’t wait for 30 minutes. If you want to test the hosting company why it doesn’t give them a call. Test them and choose technology support See how long for them to rise. As an alternative, the host with direct chat can really help the biggest problem I have encountered is the waiting time exceeding 30 minutes it happens but not too often.