Flight training simulator – maybe save your life someday

At one point or another, we might all see the film clip or SandiWel TV where Jet Jumbo 747 pilot fainted, died of a heart attack, fell unconscious, or killed by bad people during the flight. .

Now there is no one in the cockpit that can fly a plane. So flight attendants roast the passengers to see if there are people who have flight experience, who might be able to take control of the aircraft, so air traffic control can discuss it by guiding the plane to go down to safe landing.

Is it just me, or why it always looks like someone who has a type of aviation experience, is always the only experience with an airplane with a few trainz hours he spent playing with a computer flight training simulator at home?

The above scenario might sound like things made by TV sitcom or film drama for TV made of, but there is a sense of truth that is ironic for it. Is this scenario really all taken like it looks like?

The fact is that aircraft driving in flight training simulators is a very true-to-life experience. Computer software techniques that enter into designing modern flight training simulator software have now developed to the point that it is literally blurs the lines between simulation and reality.

So by becoming proficient in driving a plane in a flight training simulator, you will get enough familiarity to bridge the gap between the simulator and real world partners.

And, hopefully an emergency might not occur as described in the scenario of a nightmare above is happening, you will be in a position to fly the plane safely to the runway, no more than the knowledge and experience you get by flying simulators .