Mistake 404: Happiness not found on Instagram

Holidays have become a conquest for having the most likes on Instagram. It starts with stopping everything we have to do, taking out our phone and taking a dozen or so pictures from every possible angle. Then spend another 10 minutes pondering the legend. Do I need to use the lyrics of the new Beyonce album, or do I have to stick to the emoji? Now is the time to filter and God knows how long it will take. An hour later, we hung up and picked it up again to see how much we liked the latest post. By that time, the beautiful sunset we had to see had disappeared and thunderclouds were rushing in.
It was a great moment, but I couldn’t enjoy it because I wanted to show it to others.
Most users of social networks are a little obsessed with sharing everything. Our brunch group, the surprise meal our partners prepare for free ig followers us, the view from our hotel room. We were this person at some point in our lives, or we were sitting in front of one. And it’s very frustrating. Are we here to talk and catch up? Why do we ignore each other and lean on the phone?
Do our followers really care about where we are and the hashtags that accompany them? Please ask yourself. Do you care about these things when they appear in your feed? Sure, some images are great, but they don’t make you look deeper. Isn’t that the purpose of the shift function?
You don’t need Instagram to check your happiness. The higher the number of likes, the higher the level of happiness. Some people are ecstatic with the pictures, and vacations look like beautiful magazines, but are they as happy as they look? Or did you just have a big discussion with your family? Was the food very good or very soft? These are what the image does not tell us.
Worst of all, our Instagram feed is a battlefield, a big competition. We are afraid of the images of others and feel that we need to improve the game. When you have to affirm happiness with others, sudden anxiety begins to grow.
Rather, what we can do is to develop the idea that we feel comfortable with ourselves, know that we are happy, and do not need to be taught by anyone else. We need to enjoy the moment life provides us. Because the best come without worrying and are strengthened with a carefree attitude. Why does it take so long to see Instagram every 10 minutes when I can enjoy another margarita on the beach?
Don’t misunderstand me now. I love taking pictures and summer destinations are no exception. They help remind me of the good times I had, especially on the day I was sitting in the office. And yes, I’m also guilty of uploading one or two photos while enjoying the tropical sun. But I would like to change this last part.