Results Vs Reality

Getting 12th widespread’s state Board consequences a few days back myself, I saw modern Facebook filled with statuses approximately the CBSE board results. Some had appropriate outcomes and some had outstanding. There became not a single person who published that s/he had an awful result. Obviously, who could want to tell the arena that they passed twelfth with excellent problem. But I realized some thing today. There are such a lot of college students who worked so so hard but still did not get a great result and now they may be being scrutinized through their mother and father for now not being serious about research.

There isn’t any doubt that our dad and mom’ concerns are justified due to the fact nowadays competition is so tough that even students with 97 percent don’t get admissions in schools. But is it honest to people who in reality gave their 100 percent and nonetheless couldn’t RBSE 8th Board Result 2022 score a 98%? I suggest, a few students have a quality of a 80% and rating that a great deal. How are we able to blame them? Imagine if the opposition is so difficult with just few folks being smart, what would the quantity of competition be if we all had been that clever? It’s unhappy that our outcomes don’t display the amount of hard work installed by using everyone. Colleges receive students with a 98% even supposing s/he may never be capable of speak with all people fluently in English, might not have manners and might not be sophisticated. I have visible students who’ve a 99% however as they open their mouth to speak, I feel like going for walks away. I mean, how do you have got a 99% with out understanding basic English grammar?

Forget a majority of these elements. How lots of us would truly don’t forget any of the matters that we learnt? I even have a 95% and I can let you know truly that except some maths equations and the English chapters, I don’t forget not anything. We all study simply to get the ones marks to ensure that we get onto a university (a reputed one in every of direction).

What use is the 99% to a student if s/he only mugged up the entirety and learnt nothing?

The outcomes do not show the fact. It suggests the fabricated fact. The fact is we don’t analyze for ourselves. We learn for our mother and father, the society, the college professors. So lots of us will warfare in our interviews if anybody inside the panel might ask us something about considered one of our subjects. I realize I will for positive.